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“Financing can kill a person.” We are aware of the responsibility that financing will set the course for the rest of our lives, that the most beautiful property will not be of any use if the acquisition and subsequent modernization work are not covered by suitable financing. Matching or tailor-made are no "off-the-peg" financing. We take our time for the customer - just like a tailor. We are not bank employees - our partner is the customer, we are committed to him. Our offers are not bound by the fact that the customer buys or has bought a property over us. Trust us! We take time for you! There are different ways to differentiate financing, the most important ones are 1. according to the use of the funds o build (new construction, cultivation) o buy o modernize, repair o reschedule o Payments from co-heirs o Replacement of claims in divorces 2. according to the type of installments o annuity loan o repayment loan It is unreasonable for the layman to fully master these terms, to know what a term loan is, what options there are to replace it and above all - what is good for him. The following principle applies You do not just have to know how to get into a financing. First of all, you have to know how to get out again!
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